Here's What Social TV Looked Like in 1982

Since movie critic Roger Ebert died last Thursday, tributes and remembrances have been flooding the internet. (See, for instance, my colleague Nat Ives' video round-up of some classic Ebert outtakes, review and slams.)

Here's one you may have missed: a clip of Ebert and his old "At the Movies" co-host Gene Siskel on the Sept. 5, 1982 episode of "Saturday Night Live," doing, as Siskel put it, "history's first live review of a television show still in progress." (I first spotted this clip on the offical "SNL" Tumblr.)Yep, nearly a quarter century before Twitter launched (in 2006), Siskel & Ebert were doing what millions of people would ultimately become obsessed with doing: commenting about TV in (near) real-time.

In this brief clip, you can see the hallmarks of modern-day Social TV: snark, drive-by opinions, a certain meta sensibility...

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Advertising Age8 апреля 2013