PornHub: Panda Style

Giant pandas are becoming endangered due to a low birthrate caused by their reluctance to breed. To raise money for the endangered species, and, more importantly, encourage fornication between males and females, Pornhub urges its fans to film themselves doing it ‘panda style,’ dressed in a panda costumes and/or adorned in black and white paint.

The videos will be uploaded to Pornhub’s newest “Panda Style” category for scientists and zookeepers to show actual pandas to increase their sexual appetite and hopefully start getting it on. In return for uploading a video (since the ones scientists and zookeepers currently use are grainy and of poor quality), the adult entertainment site will donate $100, as well as 1 cent for every video view in its brand new “Panda Style” category, starting March 16 through April 16 to nonprofit organizations working to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered giant panda.

In addition, to kickstart the campaign, Pornhub created three panda-style ‘example’ videos, starring famed pornstars Nicole Aniston, Kimmy Granger, Bridgette B, Alex D, Michael Vegas and Keiran Lee to inspire those interested in participating in the campaign.

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